Autocomplete with jQuery plugin for backbone.js on remote api

juin 28th, 2013

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The goal of today’s tutorial is to create a simple autocomplete field with Backbonejs on a remote JSON-based API. Most Backbone applications are based on Underscore.js and use jQuery as their DOM manipulation. It’s generally easy to use as Backbone’s view provide direct access to a jQuery element such as « this.el » or « this.$el » and deal […]

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JQuery autocomplete search with Node.js and Mongoose

mars 13th, 2013

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I was striving to find for the most robust solution, for an autocomplete search field implemented with JQuery UI, on client side, and NodeJS on the server side. And after implementation’s tests, I discovered that NodeJS and Mongoose will provide a efficient solution. The client side, with JQuery, is the one configured out on their […]

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